Exhibitions – 2014

Rebecca Last: the Chiaroscuro Paintings

November 27, 2014 – January 3, 2015
Opening Reception, November 29, 2014

At 2 pm Saturday, December 13 Ms Last will give an artist talk at the Gallery to provide additional insight into her work and the impact Northumberland County has had.
Ms Last has found the physical yet elusive elements of the landscape motif and chiaroscuro – the interaction of light and dark – to be a potent expressive combination for the natural environment in Northumberland County.

“The act of painting is emotion on canvas without becoming sentimental or unconsciously nostalgic,” she said. “I am using chiaroscuro as one element because it has always played a role in how art is viewed and responded to emotionally.”

Ms Last has lectured, taught and lived as resident artist across Canada and internationally. Studying in Toronto, Vancouver and Italy, she earned a Masters in Art History at University of Toronto and Honours Bachelor of Fine Art, York University. Last has worked as Artist in Residence at the Banff Center, Alberta and has been Artist in Residence twice at the Hambidge Arts Center in Georgia, USA. Her work has been featured on the CBC, Southern Living Magazine, Toronto Life, Canadian House & Home, The Globe & Mail and recently featured as the cover artist for SLATE Art Guide.

Otto Schauer: Devant Moi

October 22 – November 22, 2014
Opening Reception, October 25, 2014, 2 – 4 pm

Otto Schauer was an avante-guarde painter of his time. His paintings are luscious and sensitive. Some believe his paintings to be impressionist. He had a unique and personal interpretation of nature.

At a time when abstract painting was the trend, Schauer used themes from the past of nature with a new vision. He is best known for his numerous series of paintings, such as the Parc Montsouris, the Potagers (Gardens) and the Ciels (Skies of Paris).

Mining Beauty: Jane Eccles & Frances Ferdinands

September 9 – October 18, 2014
Opening Reception, September 13, 2014, 2 – 4 pm
Eccles’ and Ferdinands’ work depicts textiles and fashions to convey their artistic intentions. The theme, Mining Beauty, comes from the concept of mining personal histories and varied source materials.

“My dress works were first shown at the Art Gallery of Northumberland in 2005,” said Eccles. “This current exhibition assembles historical dress paintings that represent Canadian women’s stories – stories of famous women and others we may know. Often sewn to fit a single soul, the dresses carry the shape and spirit of the women who once wore them.” she said.

Frances FerdinandsFerdinands explains, “my work uses garments to express concerns about historical and contemporary portrayals of women. “I have become reflective and drawn to early life to explore identity and memory. My paintings pose questions about notions of beauty that are still relevant today,” she said.

Time Frame: Treasures from the permanent collection

July 31 – September 6, 2014
Opening Reception, August 16, 2014, 2 – 4 pm

In Time Frame, guest curator Charles Funnell has created an exhibition that displays work from all eras in the gallery’s permanent collection.

“It was difficult to select pieces for this exhibition,” said Funnell, “because there is so much wonderful, stunning work to choose from. You just don’t want to leave anything out.” The exhibition features work by noted artists such as Paul Kane, A.Y. Jackson, Alfred Casson, Mary Schneider, Peter Kolisnyk, Frances Gage, Ron Bolt, David Blackwood, and Tony Urquhart, among others.

“Snippets of biographical information will provide a historical context for the artwork, he said. “The information about the work is in bullet format, for easy consumption.”

“We are also very fortunate that three former curators of the AGN are offering their insights about pieces on display,” said Funnell. “John Taylor, Anne Kolisnyk, and Rhona Wenger will write about artworks that have special meaning for them. And James Campbell, curator at the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, will write about Paul Kane, one of Canada’s significant historical artists. Each adds a unique perspective, and together they create layers of understanding, using facts and observations to enrich our experience of the works on display.”

Pat Stanley: Reality Check

June 12 – July 26, 2014
Opening Reception June 14, 2014, 2 pm – 4 pm

“Reality Check” creates a visual dialogue on the tensions generated by the interaction of man-made and natural landscapes. It explores primal issues about the environment, the Universe and our place in it. From concrete structures in Toronto’s landscape that have been transformed by future environmental impact – the subject of her previous exhibition at the AGN in 2009 – her work has evolved to include phenomena in distant parts (and times) of the Universe interacting with built structures from our daily lives. Abandoned and destroyed homes and residences, factories, expressways and drive-in theatres exist in a shared virtual space with nebulae and galaxies. Her body of work is a meditation on space, time and memory.

Michael Behnan

May 3 – June 7, 2014
Opening Reception May 3, 2014, 2 pm – 4 pm

Main Gallery: Sheree Rasmussen

March 12 – April 26, 2014
Opening Reception March 15, 2 pm – 4 pm

Paul Kane Gallery: Gerald Reilly

March 12 – April 26, 2014
Opening Reception March 15, 2 pm – 4 pm

Annual Juried Exhibition

February 8 – March 8, 2014
Opening Reception February 8, 2 pm – 4 pm

Michael Behnan

January 7, 2014 – February 1, 2014
Opening Reception: January 11, 2014 2 – 4 pm

Michael’s life may have been short, but he packed a great deal of experience into the time that he had. A painter, printmaker, musician, and enthusiastic traveler, Michael drew on the ordinary around him as his subject. Whether biting satire or observations on his neighbours and family, he had an ability to point out the obvious and the often humorous, without demeaning his subjects. This exhibition is a tribute to a short but wonderful career and its content is from private collections of his friends, patrons and family as well as work from the AGN’s permanent collection.