Exhibitions – 2011

John Boorman: Recent Works

November 9, 2011 – January 1, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday November 12, 2 – 4 pm

One of Canada’s premier folk artists. Originally trained at the Ontario College of Art in industrial design, his appreciation for craft was strongly influenced while working in Britain.

His focus is sometimes on birds and fish, letting the grain and the colour of the wood enhance the detail and paint define the form. However, he just as often creates humorous creatures large and small. An exhibition to lift you spirits.


Wilhelmina Kennedy: Recent Work

September 21 – November 5, , 2011
Reception September 24, 2 – 4 pm

In elemental forms, water stands midway between the physicality of earth and fire and the unseen air. Water is colourless, odourless and transparent. The origin of water retains its secrecy; the source is always out of human veiw.

Crucially water is the mother and vehicle of life. Still it can achieve a forceful visibility. A powerful body of water like the tsunami can also destroy life. Holland is protected by high levies. But if the sea level would rise, my house, where I used to live would be destroyed.

Water, beautiful, calm, sotrms, some of that you will see and sense in my paintings.

– Wilhelmina Kennedy


Eric Copeland: Allegories

August 12 – September 17, 2011
Reception August 20, 2 – 4 pm

Eric Copeland will be best remembered for his wonderful illustrations of children’s books. His delicate work in watercolour, along with his wonderful sense of humour made many stories come alive. What is not as well known is that under the sense of gentleness that he brought to his book illustration, was a profound concern for the human condition and the environment. The concern found an outlet in large paintings that take the form of allegories: more than illustration they are stories and puzzles at the same time.

We are grateful to Eric’s family for lending these works to the gallery for this very special and thought provoking exhibition.


Lenni Workman: Recent Work
June 23 to July 30, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday June 25, 2011, 2 – 4 pm


Paul Kelly: Life Drawings
March 26 to May 7, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday March 26, 2011, 2 – 4 pm

Paul Kelly has had a long career in the field of art. He taught for many years at Nipissing University, but never lost touch with his roots in Northumberland. The work that is featured in this touring exhibition features work from 1968 to the present in watercolour and mixed media. Paul will lead a one-day workshop (date to be confirmed)

In the Paul Kane Gallery:

George Pichl
March 26 to May 7, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday March 26, 2011, 2 – 4 pm


34th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition
February 26 – March 23, 2011
Opening Reception: February 26, 2011


Recent Additions to the Permanent Collection
January 12, 2011 to February 19, 2011

The AGN has received several gift of artwork over the past year and has also purchased work for the collection, through the generous support of it members and matching grants from the Elizabeth R.Gordon Foundation. Works by David Gillanders, Ron Bolt, Alison Searle, Jim Paget, Joyce Falconer, A.Y.Jackson, Peter Kolisnyk, Susan Warner Keene and others will be featured for the coming month.