Exhibitions – 2006

Janet Read: Ocean as Vessel for Sky #3

November 28, 2006 – January 6, 2007
Celebration, Friday, December 1, 7 pm

Paintings and assemblage work influenced by Janet’s time as artist-in-residence in Newfoundland. Much of this work mourns the loss of the fisheries and the effect that it has had on the oceans and the people.


Carl E. Brown Visual Alchemy: Ocular Alkahest

October 23 – November 25, 2006
Artist Talk & Reception: Saturday, November 4th at 2pm

Carl E. Brown is a Canadian filmmaker and photographer, who has practiced his art for over 25 years. A graduate of Media Arts at Sheridan College, his films have been screened in Europe, New York and South America. He has worked with Michael Snow, Rose Lowder, and others over the years. The current work in this exhibition is the result of many years of measured and disciplined experimentation.

“All of my images begin as black and white, I primarily work on the surface of the film converting silver halide into iron oxide, and this conversion begins the process of creating an image that is for me a truer transformation of what I feel at the time I take the picture. When I mention iron oxide, what I mean is that I use toning (alkahest) techniques to change the image and the iron oxide to the pigment or pigments that are the tools in this transformation.

There is much involved in this alchemy and over the years I have come to understand this. I began working with photography in a materially oriented way…I thought that working with the surface…altering and affecting it… I could leave my identity…personality…my vision was meshed with the film’s physical makeup, creating an organic surface…also I felt it was a way to create an entirely new visual language…to be able to convey my innermost feelings and emotions…in a very personal way.”

— Carl Brown 2006


Foundland: Peter Haller & Volker Henze

September 9 – October 20, 2006
Reception: Saturday September 16th 2 – 4pm
Artist Talk: Monday September 11th 7pm

We are honoured to be hosting this two person exhibition. Many gallery members are familiar with Peter Haller’s minimalist geometric work in paper and know that Peter has had a series of successful exhibitions in Berlin over the last three years. Peter met Volker Henze in Berlin and has had two shared exhibitions. Henze is a well respected abstract expressionist painter, whose use of colour is exciting and dynamic.

The contrast in Peter and Volker’s work had lead to an extraordinary artist conversation. The experience of contrast and compliment is not to be missed.

Volker and Peter will be giving a talk on September 11 at 7pm. All are most welcome.


Barbara Howard: Seeking Light – Last Paintings & Selected Drawings

June 8 – September 2, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday June 8, 2006 2-4 pm

It is the gallery’s privilege to be organizing and hosting this exhibition of Barbara’s work. The exhibition consists of 15 paintings executed shortly before to her untimely death, and a selection of her masterful drawings over a greater time period.

When Barbara Howard moved from Toronto to Port Hope in the summer of 2002, the community counted another of Canada’s senior artists who had come to call Northumberland County home. As one of this country’s most gifted wood engravers, painters and draftspersons, Howard was already represented in the Art Gallery of Northumberland’s permanent collection. We anticipated her arrival with excitement.

Howard graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1951 and spent several years in England and Europe studying, painting and drawing. Upon her return to Canada, with “a trunk full of paintings”, she was encouraged by Douglas Duncan of the Picture Loan Society in Toronto, who exhibited her work in four solo shows. She never looked back.

Primarily devoted to landscape, Barbara Howard’s work is purposeful and disciplined, informed by lifelong study and respect for the natural world: plant, animal, the heavens, the earth, water. Both her paintings and drawings exude an inner illumination that draws the viewer into her world.

Over the years her work has varied in scale. The small hand-bound, hand-printed books of the Gauntlet Press, which she founded with her husband and collaborator, the poet Richard Outram, are illustrated with her extraordinary wood engravings. Some of the paintings of her Whale Project of the 1990s are eighteen-foot murals on canvas. With both of these bodies of work she expresses a profound experience of the natural world while never losing mastery of her medium.

Soon after Howard’s arrival in Northumberland, we discussed in general terms the possibility of an exhibition at the AGN. I was familiar with previous work and thought it appropriate to introduce it to the community at large and to celebrate her more recent paintings. Following her sudden death in December 2002, Richard and I continued to discuss the idea. When he showed me the paintings I felt even more certain about an exhibition. Richard Outram’s subsequent death in 2005 delayed the project somewhat but did not change my mind about its importance.

The paintings on display in this exhibition have not had public exhibition and at the artist’s death the body of work remained incomplete. The drawings have been selected from the artist’s inventory to focus attention on her mastery of technique and on the recurring themes in her over half-century of practice. A retrospective of Barbara Howard’s work is more than warranted, but will need to be undertaken by a venue larger than ours.

We are grateful to Barbara Howard and Richard Outram’s trustees Susan Warner Keene and Peter Newman for their support and patience with this project. The estate made available to the gallery transcripts of taped memoirs recorded by Barbara Howard and, in the absence of an artist statement, excerpts from the transcripts are included throughout this catalogue.

I would also like to thank Melanie Browne, Port Hope artist and educator, for her essay. She, too, was invited by Richard Outram to see these paintings for the first time in the house on Pine Street.

— D.E. Carter, Curator, Art Gallery of Northumberland


The 13th Annual Student Exhibition

May 27 – June 24, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday May 27, 2006 2-4 pm

Art Work by secondary school students from across Northumberland County will be featured in this very popular annual exhibition. The exhibition is a chance for these talented young people to have their work displayed in a public art gallery. Although many of the students will not go on to study art, their creative talents will be a expressed in many ways.

We are also pleased that Investors Group has chosen to sponsor this exhibition.


The Society of Canadian Artists Elected Members Exhibition

April 8 – May 20, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday April 8, 2006 2-4 pm

The AGN is pleased to be hosting the Society of Canadian Artists’ Elected Members exhibition beginning April 8th. It is an opportunity for members of the visiting public and the gallery’s membership to view work submitted by members of the society from across Canada.

Election to the society is done by a panel of jurors and is based upon an artist’s portfolio of work. Many disciplines are represented. Selection for exhibition in this show is limited to one work per artist. There will be 49 participating artists.

As part of this exhibition, which runs until May 20th, members of the society have agreed to conduct critique sessions for individual artists on Saturday April 15, 22, 29 and May 20. The sessions are 20 minutes each. To book appointments please call the gallery at 905-372-0333. The appointments will be scheduled from 1:30 – 3:30 on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited, so book early.


29th Annual Juried Exhibition

February 25 – April 1, 2006
Opening Reception, Saturday, February 25th 2 – 4 p.m.

A juried exhibition is an opportunity for regional artists to have their recent work viewed and critiqued by “outside” eyes. It is also an opportunity to exhibit in a public art gallery. The job of a juror is not to judge one artist against another, it is to review the work of an artist and select the strongest and most successful of his works. Although many people view art as a matter of individual taste, there are measurable standards that are used by jurors to make assessments. These can include composition, balance, perspective, mastery of the media or materials, original thought and intellectual challenge.


Recent Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection

January 7 – February 18, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday January 7, 2006 2-4 pm

This exhibition will feature works that have been acquired by the AGN over the last two years. Works by Scott Goudie, Ron Eccles, Jane Eccles, J.E.H. Macdonald, Tony Urquhart, Barbara Howard, Michael Behan, Wilhelmina Kennedy, Merke Lugus and Ron Bolt will be among the works featured.

And in the Paul Kane Gallery:

Melanie Browne: Still Life, With Indulgence


January 7 – February 18, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday January 7, 2006 2-4 pm

Port Hope artist and teacher, Melanie Browne has been developing a new body of work that will be featured in the intimate Kane Gallery space. Known for her subdued still life, these new paintings exhibit a lush and cosseted treatment of their subject.