THEN and NOW– Rug Hooking in Canada A Canada 150 Exhibition

Opening Reception Thursday March 9th, 2017 7:00-9:00pm

Exhibition in cooperation with the Northumberland Rug Hookers

Show runs until Sunday April 30th, 2017

Special programming planned for

Wednesday March 22nd and Wednesday April 5th at 2 pm

No charge, donations welcomed


BETROTHED: A Marriage of Photography and Weddings

Thursday May 4th to Sunday June 18th, 2017© Dave Heath, NYC, 1957

This exhibition celebrates the invention of photography, as witnessed through photographs of wedding ceremonies.

These original prints are curated from the collection of Stephen Bulger and Catherine Lash, who have been collecting authentic wedding photographs for more than 15 years. Initially this collection was intended to contain examples of the various print types that form photography’s history. Soon after its invention, photography was continually improved and utilized a succession of different materials and processes, from Daguerreotypes and Salted Paper Prints of the 1830’s to today’s Digital Prints. Concentrating on authentic wedding photographs provides a way to also see how styles of image making have evolved.

This collection includes examples from 1830’s & 1840’s of Cased Images like Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes, as well as Tintypes and Albumen prints of the late 19th Century. It also contains scores of different types of Silver Gelatin Papers, displaying a wide range of stylistic techniques and presentation formats from throughout the 20th Century. Currently comprising over 500 original photographs, this collection is also a social history containing records of customs and ceremonies from around the world.

Each wall of the Art Gallery of Northumberland will centre on a particular theme such as: The Dress; Celebrities; Portraits; Group Portraits; Strange and Unusual Weddings. This subversion of commercial and amateur photography into an Art Gallery highlights a central argument that photography faced soon after its invention: that the mechanical nature of the medium and its commercial usage prohibited its acceptance as a fine art on par with painting and drawing.


Call To Action #83

Runs January 19th to March 5th 2017

Creative Collaboration Towards Reconciliation

In September 2015, sixteen Simcoe County artists were inspired to initiate a {Re}conciliation Art Project. They came together to learn from each other, share stories, gain understanding and collaborate on a linked series of artworks. The project is titled after the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: “A strategy for indigenous and non-indigenous artists to undertake collaborative projects and produce works that contribute to the reconciliation process.”