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School Tours

Please note: School Tours have been temporarily suspended. Updates will be posted here once available.

School tours are an opportunity to enrich the learning of students and teachers. Visits to the AGN help students develop listening, viewing and speaking skills while engaging them in thoughtful interpretations and reflections with original art.

Our curriculum-based programs offer a two-part experience with a gallery lesson focusing on the current exhibitions and a themed, hands-on, art workshop.

Thematic tour options provide students with a cross-curricular experience based in the visual arts and are intended to introduce and reinforce concepts already taught in the classroom.  We engage students through the critical analysis process to interpret, examine and appreciate works of both modern and historical significance.

FEES: $5.00 per student.
Free for Teachers and Volunteers
Each visit is one hour and thirty minutes.

For more information, please contact:

Victoria Towrie – Education and Community Engagement

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