Cameco Kid’s Corner

The Art Gallery of Northumberland is pleased to announce the opening of a Kid’s Space within the Gallery, on the 3rd floor of Victoria Hall. The space will be open to the public to use during the same hours as the art gallery. The Co-ordinator of Public Outreach at the AGN, Caitlyn Hoskin has designed the Kid’s Corner at the south end of the gallery to inspire creativity, and welcome play based learning, while getting kids to look at, think about and express themselves through art. One end of the space will have a reading nook, complete with kid’s art books and bean bag chairs. The other half of the space will have modular seating around a play table. There will be art based toys that will invite children to learn about colour, shape, line and texture. One of the walls in the space will include a large magnetic board that children are invited to display their artwork. There will be educational worksheets changing with each exhibition, available in the space for school aged children to use around the gallery. The gallery is also pleased to announce that a new summer student will be joining the AGN team in June. The “Family Programming Facilitator” will be on hand at the gallery to interact with visitors and facilitate art based learning during operating hours.

Launch Party: Sunday July 2nd, 2017 from 12-4pm


Art in the Classroom

The AGN has created art curriculum resource kits. The kits are designed for use in the classroom with non-specialist teachers in mind.

The AGN has added two art curriculum resource kits to the set of earlier kits. The kits are designed for use in the classroom with non-specialist teachers in mind. The first kit is designed for Grade 4 level and addresses principals of design using non-traditional quilts. The second kit is designed for the Grade 5 level and uses the construction of platonic solids for a number of learning outcomes. The kits were designed and fabricated by our two teacher candidates from Queens University Faculty of Education, Jessica Smith and Katie Sweet. They worked in co-operation with Education committee member Joanne Smith and gallery member Margaret Challenger.

Two sets of the Grades 1 – 8 curriculum kits are now available for schools to borrow for three week periods. Additional funding is being sought to produce more kits. It is hoped that in the near future sufficient kits can be produced so that they can remain in the schools and reduce the need for the Gallery to be involved in their routine distribution and tracking.

We are currently updating our programming for children and youth and will post updates soon.