The staff of the AGN are led by the Director , who is responsible for overall operation and administration of the gallery. The position’s responsibilities include; financial oversight and planning, policy and procedure proposal, staff supervision, collections management, exhibition and education planning. The position is full time.

  • Olinda Casimiro – Director
  • Caitlyn Hoskin – Coordinator of Public Outreach
  • Lynn Jones – Bookkeeper
  • Madeline Klintworth – Assistant
  • Rachel McHolm – Family Programming Facilitator

Board of Directors

The AGN Board of Directors is made up of 9 members, 7 of whom are elected from the gallery’s membership and two are appointed by the municipal councils. The Board is divided into the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer) and members-at-large.  Each of the Board members acts as the chair of a committee of the Board. The committee members are recruited from the general membership.

Executive Committee

President – Irena Orlowski
Vice-President – Mary Donaldson
Secretary – Dianne Algera
Treasurer – Rick Miller

Directors: Karan Kerber, Ken Solilo, Jeanette Breward, Elizabeth Palermo

Council Representative, Cobourg-  Suzanne Seguin

Board Committees

Committee Responsibilities
Executive By-Law, Legislative changes, Strategic Plan, HR
Finance & Audit Financial Management, Annual Audit
Communications Corporate Image, Media Relations
Collection Management Permanent Collection, Acquisitions
Program Development Membership, Special Events
Funding Grants, Sponsorships
Nominations & Board Development Board recruitment, Board procedures and documentation