Our library contains books donated over the years, covering almost every aspect of the arts. It has information on most of the famous artists, and those not so well known. For example: Italy: Titian and Leonardo da Vinci, France: George Surat and Henri Matisse, Spain: Miro and Picasso, Dutch: Vincent van Gogh and Piet Mondrian, Germany: Albrecht Durer, England: Turner and Burne Jones.

We also have Canadian art and artists, from folk art to the Group of Seven, Annapolis Royal to the Klondike. There are books on crafts, architecture, exhibitions and instructional books.

There is an Index Book of our holdings available with listings under Author, Title and Subject. You may use this to find your particular need.

There are presently about 250 volumes on individual artists and an additional 500 volumes on aspects of painting, crafts, architecture, photography, printing and art history. All of the volumes were donations and they are now mostly catalogued for the use of AGN members.

Borrowing privileges are included in your AGN membership.